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Using Hirb to Organize Queries in the Rails Console

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Escaping Hash Characters and Other Symbols in cURL

Post thumb publishing npm packages

Steps for Creating and Publishing a NPM Package

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How to Vertically and Horizontally Align Divs with Flexbox

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Docker Command Cheat Sheet

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How to Setup Prettier with Vim

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Requirements of a Commissioning Document

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How to Add Markdown Styles to a Rails App

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Base Case Example for How to Test a Python Class

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Code Interview Question: Functional FizzBuzz in JavaScript

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How to Generate a Random String in Python

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Difference Between Test, Validation, and Training Data Sets in Machine Learning

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How to Soft Delete in Rails

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Coding Interview Question: Build a Function that Selects a Random Element from an Array in JavaScript

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Commands to Clear a Git Repository's Cache

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Cheat Sheet for Creating Your Own RubyGem

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Streamlining Flexbox Calls with Scss Mixins

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HINCRBY - Increment a Hash's Field Value by a Specified Value in Redis

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How to Use Default Values for JavaScript Arguments

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How to Google from the Mac Terminal