7 Angular Best Practices To Ace Up Your Web App development

There are several frameworks that come and go each year, but Angular maintains a stronghold on the application development market and is now ranked as the third most popular web application development framework on Stackoverflow.

Angular is a crucial need of the hour. This superhuman Javascript framework is a must-have when it comes to building single-page apps. This platform, which is maintained by Google, requires little introduction. Simply by familiarizing yourself with the framework and completing a few tutorials, you may become an expert in Angular.

As a beginner, your built applications may be only asking for the framework but still require a keen understanding of excellent app performance and well-organized code. If you adhere to the guide to optimize angular best practices, chances are pretty high for your Angular applications to become extremely responsive and efficient.

However, pro-Angular developers advise that you should familiarise yourself with Angular best practices before diving into the framework. This will not only enhance the quality of your code but will also alleviate some of the strain associated with its maintenance. Many developers have been working with Angular JS for quite some time and believe that adhering to the guidelines outlined below can help you code more effectively and cleanly.

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