ElasticSearch and Spree integration

Feature thumb integrate elasticsearch with spree commerce

Spree search kick is a rubygem that uses Elasticsearch and makes searches easy and in a user-friendly fashion.

To get started with spree_searchkick gem, make sure that you have installed Elasticsearch in your system.

Now, the question arises to everyone: what is Elasticsearch? And How to install it? and how does it work with searchkick gem? And many more.

We can go through all the above questions one by one.

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a scalable, distributed, and open-source analytics engine. It allows you to storesearch, and analyze huge amounts of data. 

It is built on Apache Lucene and has tools for ingestion, enrichment, storage, analysis, and visualization. Elasticsearch offers indexing, storing, and analysis of data, making it easier to search for queries. 

It is generally needed when the application has a complex search feature and requirement.

Built-in Elasticsearch Features

Integrating elasticsearch is an exciting way to maximize the capabilities of your e-commerce store. The powerful, real-time, search analytics engine for all types of data. It allows – 

Optimization of quick searches by storing and indexing data Efficient retrieval and aggregation of data Blazing fast auto-search and auto-complete Similar category presentation in E-commerce stores.


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