Top 10 Reasons to Choose React JS For Your Next Project

Change is constant in the case of front-end development. Better tools and technology frameworks compete with each other to revolutionize the product development process as well as deliver an enhanced user experience.

One such technology is React JS. Although React JS development framework was launched in 2013, it became very well known in very little time. It is so flexible to use that many developers prefer it over other frameworks. It is an open-source, component-based javascript framework that helps developers create top-quality user interfaces for web applications and allow them to put theirs inside Javascript.

React JS is managed by Facebook and a strong thriving community of developers. It is mostly preferred to develop single-page applications. Many companies adhere to best React JS development practices when it comes to creating single-page applications and web development. At a rough estimate, over 3000 websites are already built using React JS framework, and many tech giants like PayPal, Netflix, and Apple use it to empower their business.

Now, when we are talking about the impact of React technology on your business, it would be better to have a look at what kind of benefits it provides to you when you opt for your next software development project.

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