Track Records Changes with PaperTrail gem

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What is the PaperTrail gem?

The paper trail gem is a wonderful Ruby on Rails gem for tracking all the changes in the model’s data for editing or versioning. After upgrading papertrail gem for an application, you can use it to see how your data looks across different periods. You can take it back to any version of model data. The Ruby on Rails gem “paper_trail_ allows you to undo all the changes after a record has been destroyed so that you can restore it totally. 

Here are a few features of Paper Trail Ggem:- 

The PaperTrail gem allows you to track changes made to your Rails models over time.  Any time a tracked record in your database is changed, it creates a corresponding entry in a PaperTrail::Version table.  It accomplishes this by tying into the ActiveRecord callback chain and storing a new version when the record is created, updated, or destroyed.

In this article, we will learn how to use papertrail gem. This guide will take you through the process of installation, and using it in a basic app.

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Installation and Configuration of PaperTrail:


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