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Rubber gaskets are elastic components that are utilized for mechanically sealing the minute gaps between two joints or surfaces. Some examples of these surfaces are mating surfaces of the automotive cylinder head fittings and piping, engine block, door edges, tank cover and rim, frames, and so more.

Rubber gaskets are helpful in sealing surfaces by flowing in and filling the existing irregularities in the surfaces of parts that are commonly rigid. The sealing effect is the result of the parts that exert pressure or compressive forces. It helps in deforming the gasket plastically.

Understanding the Role of Rubber Gaskets

The natural sealing capability of rubbers is imparted to the elastomer nature. Rubbers, whether they are synthetic or natural, are derived from the family of materials referred to as elastomers. Elastomers can be regarded as classes of polymers having a high elastic nature developed with the help of cross-linking longer polymer chains into the respective amorphous structure.

The intermolecular forces that exist between the respective polymer chains tend to be relatively weak. This enables them to be easily reconfigured when stress is applied. Due to this property, elastomer gaskets are capable of easily conforming to the surface profiles. It helps in the creation of a tighter seal. Get the best out of the custom rubber extrusions manufacturers.

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