13 Best Django web development and Django REST tutorials of 2022

Web developer’s boon – Django. Django web development is an advanced-level Python-based web framework. While using the latest tools for web development is the wisest choice, these tools keep upgrading to adapt with the present-day demand. In this case, whether you are a newbie or experienced; everyone is a learner! 

13 best Django web development and Django REST tutorials of 2022


So, we have curated a list of the 13 best Django and Django REST tutorials in 2022. Let’s check out:

1. Official Django 4.0 Guide

Developed by the original team of Django developers; this tutorial is the most reliable source of information. You can browse through and get tutorials on every version of Django and kickstart your learning journey.

If you have a basic, operational understanding of Python objects then this tutorial will be super helpful for Django developers!

2. For the Girl Gang!

Initially launched to build confidence amongst freshers, especially girls, that coding is for everyone; this tutorial will leave you with a functioning blog by the end.

One of the greatest things about this tutorial is that you have coaches and previous attendees available to assist you in case you face a roadblock. If they are unavailable, you can always interact with their chat support system and get help with Django web development!

3. Django fundamentals decoded

This tutorial is one of the most enjoyable resources that cover every fundamental aspect of Django web development. Although it covers the 1.11 version of Dango; it receives mentions of appreciation to date.

This is mainly because of how the author blends in comics to explain certain concepts and their functions. It not only lightens the tense mood but acts as a visual aid too! If you are looking to learn basic or advanced fundamentals; this is the right tutorial for you.

4. Django guide for beginners

Mosh Hamedani tries to cover numerous topics in this 1-hour long free tutorial. But it might get too information-heavy if you are a complete fresher.

So this tutorial is recommended for someone who has at least a very basic understanding of Django. But even if not; you can surely absorb the concepts explained here and then bounce back to basics to make it all come together and work for you.

5. For intermediate to advanced level developers

Build a fully featured web app developed using Django with this 10-hours long tutorial. It is highly recommended for Django developers seeking to dive deeper into the intermediate or expert level of execution.


This tutorial will truly differ in the sense that you will not just be guided with the steps but also with the logic behind such execution.

6. All in one tutorial

Covering the entire Django web framework concept, at a beginner level; this tutorial is bound to help you quickly wrap your head about Django.

You might be wondering how such a short tutorial can cover all the concepts. But rest assured that it has everything you seek and need to start your journey. The pace is extremely adaptable and you will have utilized 4-hours at the right place.

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