Feature thumb chatbot platforms

Chatbots are crucial in improving the service effectiveness of any business. They provide a personalized experience and top-notch customer service. AI chatbots are emerging as the game-changers for product and service-based organizations all across the globe. 

Amazon, Walmart, Zomato, and most online retailers now have AI-powered chatbots in place. Studies show that 52% of customers prefer to talk to a chatbot because of their responsive nature. Intelligent Chatbot marketing is now transforming the customer service industry.

Due to this rise in chatbots for eCommerce and other industries, chatbot development platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Some of the AI chatbots software even enable building chatbots without writing any code.

This article will highlight the 14 best AI chatbots software for developing intelligent and interactive chatbots for your applications. You can pick the best one and hire a chatbot app development company to get a bot for your business app.

Originally published at https://www.botreetechnologies.com on April 9, 2021.