5 Top Software Development Methodologies and their Pros & Cons


The first thing to keep in mind is to choose the best software development methodology when it comes to software development. After that, the next consideration is choosing the right software development services. Over time, there are so many kinds of software development methodologies that evolve and are practised in business software development.

Top Software Development Methodologies


1. Waterfall Methodology

The methodology has been used by a software development company for some time now. It’s a linear, sequential development process of project management. Furthermore, it focuses on the logical progression of all the involved steps in the software development life cycle.

The Pros

–        It’s exceptionally simple and straightforward. Thus, it’s advantageous for amateur or fledgling software application development services.

–        Saves a lot of time.

–        Projects dealing in the Waterfall methodology are easy to deal with. Furthermore, each phase has explicit deliverables as well as an individualized survey method.

The Cons

–        The model is not proper for maintenance projects.

–        In the testing phase, it’s not feasible to edit features.

–        Not good for more prolonged or continuous tasks.

2. Agile Development Methodology

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