ASP.NET Vs PHP: Which one is the right choice?

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Recently, I asked a basic question to my end users – Can you imagine living in today’s world without the internet? And their answers were like, it feels as if there is no air to breathe, not possible – it’s a basic need, its unimaginable and so forth. I mean we are residing in an era where we have more than 5 billion daily active users. So if you want to reach large masses in one go, I suggest you straight away start considering a reputable web development agency which is famous for its vivid and vibrant tech stack ranging from ASP. Net to PHP, Javascript, HTML, C#, CSS, Ruby, Python, Java, Scala and so forth.

Failing to create a solid online presence can lead to some serious consequences – you may lag behind and never be able to cope up or lose the interest of your current users, etc. So what to do? How do remain competitive in the niche? Simple, choose the right tech stack for your web development project. Now you must be wondering why?

Significance of Programming language in the Web development Space

Programming languages are many and each one is of a kind so what difference does it make if you end up choosing a development company knowing one or two programming languages and a development company excelling in multiple programming languages at once. Well, programming languages such as, PHP, and Javascript are used generally but what makes them different is the way they carry out the processing. So yes, this is one of the major reasons why you must consider a team of PHP developers who are even well-versed when it comes to ASP. Net.

Other than this, you see web application is different from project to project so you might need experts who excel at using multiple programming languages instead of one or two. Technically speaking, the web application may involve database programming in SQL, server-side scripting in PHP, client-side scripting in JavaScript and additional markup languages, such as HTML and XML.

Technology keeps on changing now and then, and so do we. From web to mobile, different programming languages are being used. And it may quite interest you to know that especially those web development companies who tend to focus on multiple web frameworks to create dynamic web pages do have a team of proactive PHP software developers who are willing to learn new skills, platforms and languages continually.

You see some programming languages work similarly whereas others such as ASP. Net and PHP have different approaches. The higher level a language is, the more it involves abstraction from computing hardware. And knowing these competitive ASP.Net and PHP frameworks gives one an edge above. Now when you discover a huge talent pool, you must hire them right away for your web app development project.

Well, here I won’t be touching each language, instead, I will be simply focusing on the two most prominent programming languages vs PHP.

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