Benefits of the Kanban Software Development Process

What is Kanban? The Kanban framework for software development is widely implemented by a lot of software development companies like The method allows team members to see the work that should be done, work in progress, and completed work. Moreover, it helps measure the workflow's success rate and improve it.

The Kanban Method for Custom Software Development

In almost all development and planning positions for software development, Kanban is applicable and is becoming increasingly important. It's a visual system that moves through a process to manage work. It also visualizes the actual work and processes that pass through that process.


The goal of the framework is to identify possible bottlenecks in the development process and fix them so that the workflow is cost-effective and at an optimal speed. It enables managing and boosting the flow of work as the Kanban methodology adheres to a set of principles and practices. Evolutionary, non-disruptive, Kanban promotes gradual enhancements to an organization's processes.

The Benefits of Kanban

1. Simplifies operations with a seamless production overview

Software development could be obstructed by wasted coding if two people handle the same task. Code waste could also arise from incorrect project management, such as unnecessary documentation requirements that take up development time, which is better to be used somewhere else.

2. Identifies bottlenecks to boost efficiency

Naturally, working within the restrictions of a Kanban-organised workflow would highlight bottlenecks. Users will have to check out the board to determine the hindrance when the WIP limit is met. This enables benefits for the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.

3. Focuses the development team's attention

Providing the development team with a full process overview seems to distract them from individualised tasks. Nonetheless, the Kanban software development boards focus their attention. Until finish, the task at hand should be the focus. Otherwise, production would not move.

The precise focus boosts efficiency as well. Research reveals that jumping around from one task to another, which is known as context switching, is a waste of time.

4. Boosts accountability and individual visibility

Most software developers work in the background, and a single software developer seldom produces a visible, tangible product. It takes a team to build a software product. The lack of visibility could be demotivating.

However, Kanban empowers every individual by calling attention to each and everyone's role in the bigger process of development, providing motivation, and boosting accountability. When organising a hybrid software development team, Kanban could provide visibility as well as boost morale.


In software development, there are a lot of reasons to use Kanban for custom software development. Kanban's numerous benefits make it a popular software development framework for Agile teams. Furthermore, it has a significant and positive impact on the development team's achievement and success.

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