Best Plugins for Graphic Designers

Plugins for graphic designing these days are used to add more features and one-of-a-kind effects. We all are aware of the fact that design is important in the application development process which helps in boosting the appearance of digital works.

Top Graphic Design Plugins in 2022

1. RH Color Picker on Hover

Don’ t forget that Photoshop has a color picker feature that you could use when you work with color. The RH Hover version, however, is simpler to use, and in a lot of ways, superior to the standard picker. There are available Photoshop plugins that let you have a light, fast and clean color picker.

Moreover, the tool enables you to modify the color sliders fast while providing you with more flexibility than usual. Designers require fast access to a wide range of colors while working in Photoshop, thus Adobe provides a color picker as per the standard interface panel.

On the other hand, users want to see an unhindered, complete perspective of their project. When hovering over the smaller RH Hover Color Picker version, it will appear. It would automatically hide when you go back to creating.

2. Pexels Plugin

The most important tool that designers need is a huge pool of stock photos at their disposal. You would typically need the pictures for texturing, enhancing the backdrop, or simply experimenting. If you could obtain unrestricted royalty-free stock pictures access, you get extra points.

Moreover, the website provides a free plugin for Photoshop installation as well, enabling quick access to its picture collection with no need to download photos you like or open a new window.

Explore pictures based on their images and popularity that have just been uploaded to the website by adding this Photoshop plugin. Or, you could search keywords or use specific categories, depending on your requirements.

3. Nik Collection

A popular plugin in the design community that consists of 7 incredible Photoshop and Lightroom plugins, each working independently. Even better, it’s wonderful that the plugin formerly was a 500 Pound professional picture editing software app, before Google took control and made it for free.

It changed ownership once again in 2017 as Google opted to discontinue it. It was then purchased by DxO who decided to restart development. The new parent business of Nik Collection launched it in the middle of 2018.

4. Filter Forge

Now, Filter Forge version 11 is available for free for those who buy version 10. One great feature of the plugin is that it lets users load any image or filter into different tabs, and fine-tune or compare their settings. The plugin also has a handy backup tool.

If you need to move from computer to computer, Filter Forge could be used to compress filters and settings into one archive file, which you could later store on another computer, another Filter Forge version, or even on another platform.

5. Eye Candy

One of the most popular plugins of Photoshop and has been around for more than a decade now. Version 7 has a wide array of effects, which range from glass and chrome, to extrusions. Although some effects may seem cheesy, it’s surprising to discover the number of scenarios they are actually useful.

This is true in particular for freelance designers with tight deadlines. Often, dialing down the effects from the default settings makes them more usable and less cheesy.


The best plugins at present help create amazing designs and photos. Furthermore, these plugins help extend the features of Photoshop and help you accomplish tedious tasks in no time at all. There are many great features that graphic designers will surely love using.

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