Binance clone script – Create an exchange that can change your business

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Launch your digital currency exchange platform like Binance with a modern Binance clone script supported by RADINDEV.

We offer a fully customizable and white label Binance clone script.


What is Binance?

Binance is an advanced currency exchange platform. Most common digital currencies are supported by the platform. Binance has an integrated wallet for traders to store their encrypted funds.


Strong digital currency exchange platform such as Binance by RADINDEV

RADINDEV will introduce you to an integrated Binance clone app with rich, highly secure, fully customizable features and advanced technologies. With the advanced Binance clone app we can shorten your waiting period to make your dream come true to launch a digital exchange platform like Binance.


We have highly experienced developer’s teams that dominate the art of developing industry-specific programs. Our Binance clone program script is integrated not only with features and technologies, but also with the versatile experience of these professionals.


Why our Premium Binance Clone script is more customized than development?

Many of you may think why we recommend your Binance clone script for custom development. There are reasons:


Cost-effective – The custom development of a Binance clone requires a high budget, but our ready-made binness clone script is available with full customization offer along with many loaded features at a reasonable price.

Ready to launch - Waiting is boring. We understand how frustrating it is to wait for your dream to come true, and that's why we brought this Binance's leading clone script for you. Our Biance clone script is completely adjustable and ready to launch.

Security - We are aware of the importance of security in business programs like Binance. That's why we have approved our Binance clone script with precise security tests.

Expertise - Because we have a lot of experience in developing digital currency applications to make your Binance clone powerful enough to boost your crypto trading.


Integrated features in our modern Binance Clone

Basic features

Multilingual support

We make the Binance clone with your global audience. This is why we have integrated multilingual support in the Binance clone script.

Encrypted wallet

To make it easier for your audience to save money, we've created the Binance clone with a single wallet.

P2P Business

P2P Trading is very popular today and to help you invest in this P2P demand increase, we have developed our Binance clone script with P2P trading feature.

Crypto trading robot

We have introduced a cryptographic trading robot in our Binance clone to make it easier for your users to understand the functions of your cryptographic trading platform.

Inter-platform compatibility

Our Binance clone script can be used to develop a digital exchange platform compatible with multiple strong platforms.

Powerful Trading Engine

We have merged a powerful trading engine so that your users can easily identify key opportunities, current trends and patterns in stock markets.

Unlimited Token List

Our Binance clone script provides unlimited directory features to your users, which directly helps you improve your user experience.


Premium features

Push Notifications

Among the best features, our binns clone pressure declaration is very important. It informs users about key activities taking place in the stock market to engage them.


Dashboard available with all details about the purchase and sale of crypto by the user in our Binance clone script. Apart from that, an admin can also enjoy the flexibility of the dashboard.

Fingerprint access

In order to keep your information safe, users can enable fingerprint access in our Binance clone.

Customer support system

Luxury Admins have an advanced customer support system in our Binance clone solution.

Multiple payment port

To achieve growth, you always have to offer flexibility to customers, which is why we have several payment ports in mind.

100% adjustable

In the Binance clone script we can add any number of features you want because our solution is 100% adjustable.


With Binance clone we provide liquidity privilege traders. Higher liquidity points to higher efficiency of your currency exchange software.

Multicode Wallet

Our Wallet Merge enables us to add several cryptographic wallet to your users in your Binance clone so your users can enjoy the trade of multiple digital currencies.

Security features

Two-step authentication

We've combined two-factor authentication so your users can enjoy the all-safe login process.

End-To-End encryption-based SSL

Our Binance clone provides end-to-end encryption, which will automatically help improve security because it creates a SSL channel feature for data transmission.

Confirm SMS/Email

We made our Binance clone completely user-friendly, and that's why we have integrated the feature through which users can sign up by email. Send a code to your email address to verify successful login.

Content management system

We offer a higher level content management system in your Binanace clone to protect your cryptographic trading platform well against violations.

Server-side Tracking Protection

Your users need to be aware of SSRF attacks. That's why we've unified server side spoofing protection features to help you get notified of your users' suggestions and suggestions.

intersite spoof protection

To verify the security of your users, we've merged cross site spoofing protection features into your Binance clone.

Distributed service denial

Maintaining standard performance of the binns clone is very important. In order to help you with this, we have features put in place to help you avoid DDoS attacks.