C# popularity surges in Tiobe programming language index

Microsoft’s C# programming language has seen a spike in popularity, according to the Tiobe programming community index. While C# still ranked fifth in the Tiobe index for May 2022, unchanged from May 2021, its rating jumped nearly two full percentage points compared to a year ago.

The C# language’s rating of 6.39% for May 2022 is 1.98 percentage points higher than its 4.41% rating a year ago. Tiobe, which offers software quality services, described C# as one of the most mature languages in existence, supporting many modern programming paradigms, and said that more of its customers have begun running C# on Linux in the last two years. Tiobe believes “chances are high” that C# could replace C among the top three languages in the index. Also trending upward is C++, its rating rising 1.01 percentage points in the past year.

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Tiobe’s index is based on a formula that assesses the number of skilled engineers, the number of courses, and the number of third-party vendors associated with each language. The ratings are calculated using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

The top 10 programming languages in the Tiobe index for May 2022 are listed below.

Python, with a 12.74% rating C, 11.59% Java, 10.99% C++, 8.83% C#, 6.39% Visual Basic, 5.86% JavaScript, 2.12% Assembly, 1.92% SQL, 1.87% PHP, 1.52%

The top 10 programming languages according to the May 2022 PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, which analyzes how often language tutorials are searched using Google, are listed below. C# also ranks in the top five of this index, which combines C and C++.

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