Demystifying Investment Reports

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“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.” –Mark Twain

Reviewing investment management software reports can be intimidating, even blatantly misleading sometimes. Often, the good news will be highlighted with bold colorful numbers and charts, while the negatives are downplayed or disguised amid the mass of information.

Asset Vantage customers can demystify their investment reports by focusing on the 3 most important performance metrics.

1. Asset Allocation – Actual vs. Target

Monitoring deviations in asset allocation and taking well-informed decisions to rebalance requires a consolidated view of all investment accounting software made across multiple entities and advisors.

Asset Vantage simplifies the daunting task of consolidating data from multiple advisors and compares in a consistent manner, targeted versus actual asset allocation. With a series of simple drop-down filters to analyze data, Asset Vantage customers can track asset allocation changes over a specified period and benchmark against performance.

2. Annualized Returns (IRR)

The performance of family asset management software can only be tracked when all liquid and illiquid investments are measured by one single metric, IRR.

Rather than having to wade through different sets of advisor reports and relying on potentially erroneous in-house reports, Asset Vantage customers can generate comprehensive reports in seconds to evaluate performance across all asset classes, investments, advisors, and sectors. With secure and any-time access to updated reports, trends and anomalies can be easily spotted by comparing IRR from inception to IRR within specific periods.

3. Advisor Performance

Smart data upload features allow Asset Vantage users to record transactions accurately and auto-update coinciding ledgers on a single system. This means the performance of every wealth advisor can be tracked across data cuts on allocation and performance for specific asset classes, sectors, stocks, or funds.

This makes comparison easy, increases transparency, and prepares family principals to ask their advisors all the right questions.

Build your family assets on a foundation of concrete facts and up-to-date information with Asset Vantage.


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