Factors Fuelling the Growth of OFC Poker Game App

The penetration of smartphones and increase in access to the internet has made India a rapidly emerging mobile gaming industry. 

According to the findings of the NASSCOM, the smartphone gaming industry has grown with a CAGR between 40% to 50% during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Such rising figures have encouraged various mobile gaming companies to focus on OFC Poker game app development.  

Following are the factors that have empowered the growth of online ofc poker. 

User experience: The ofc poker games are built with the efforts of creative graphic designers that work with an efficient code of conduct to ensure an incredible user experience.  Mobile compatibility: The ofc poker game apps are built using modern software development kits capable of building the game using lightweight programs and other feasible resources. That’s why such card games are compatible with lower configuration mobile devices. Easier installation: These games can be easily installed from the application stores like Android, iOS, and a lot more.