Fuel Cell Market: New Sales and Industrying Trends in 2022-2030

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The global fuel cell market size was estimated at USD 5.9 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.9% from 2023 to 2030. Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy, making them a promising alternative to traditional energy sources. They operate with high efficiency and produce minimal emissions, making them a clean energy solution. The Fuel Cell Market encompasses various types, including hydrogen fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, and more.

A fuel cell uses the chemical energy of hydrogen or other fuels to produce electricity in a clean and effective manner. When hydrogen is utilized as fuel, the only things that come out are heat, water, and electricity. Applications for fuel cells are numerous and include commercial, residential, transit, and industrial buildings.

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Segments Covered in the Report

By Product

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Others

By Application

Stationary Transportation Portable

By Geography

North America Europe Asia-Pacific Latin America

Some of the prominent players in the global fuel cell market include:

Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd Proton Power Systems PLC Plug Power Inc. Ballard Power Systems Inc. United Technologies Fuel Cell Energy Inc. AFC Energy PLC SFC Energy ITM Power PLC

Regional Analysis:

Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at the quickest CAGR over the projection period and will maintain its considerable volume share of over 60% in 2022. Policies and initiatives that support fuel cell systems for transportation applications in China, India, South Korea, and Japan have propelled the fuel cell market's expansion in the Asia Pacific area. In the region, South Korea is the second-largest fuel cell market after Japan. Because of the high need for combined heat and power systems in Japan and other countries in this region, the fuel cell market is expected to rise at a solid rate.

Outlook & Recent Development:

In October 2018, Hydrogenics inaugurated a new location in California. The main objective of the facility is to integrate hydrogen fuel cell systems for Californian clients onto heavy-duty truck and bus platforms. The opening of this production facility allowed Hydrogenics to strengthen its position in the American market.

The fuel cell market in 2020 was dominated by the stationary category. The stationary category is anticipated to grow in popularity during the forecast period. It is anticipated that the stationary application segment will grow due to features like high efficiency and fuel flexibility.

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