Game Development Outsourcing: The Ethical and Security Dimensions

Evolving every other day with groundbreaking technologies and development approaches, the gaming industry has so far become a multi-million dollar industry. As a result, outsourcing gaming ideas to low-cost countries like India, China, Ukraine, etc., have become a significant turnover for game owners. But with advantages come drawbacks, and specific ethical and security concerns have cropped up regarding outsourcing.

Data security and privacy issue have been the foremost. That exposes users to risks and vulnerabilities and also compromises data security. Also, due to the prevailing outsourcing trends, local developers face unemployability and a lack of opportunities. Not only that, but to evade taxes and duties, companies are opting to shell out. Unethical production environments have also been a consequence of outsourcing models. Many countries are flouting ethical norms to get more business, and it is also observed that employees are devoid of even standard benefits.

That’s not it; app development companies are breaching business secrets to be ahead of their competitors and leaving no room for trustable cordial relationships. As a matter of fact, due to all the above unethical practices, cybersecurity threats have become a major concern.

While outsourcing is irreplaceable, there should be no room for such unethical practices. Thus, hiring a reliable outsourcing company that prioritizes ethics first rather than IT malpractices is very important. Furthermore, clients should make sure to outsource ethically as it will add more value to their business rather than being in a dark loop.