greying of hair at young age

Both men and women nowadays take personal styling more seriously than ever, and why not. From famous international salons to grooming apps and local beauty parlours, brands are vying for our attention with their unique services. Customized skincare and haircare products, world-class treatments, expert advice, and a team of dedicated stylists at our beck and call are just a few of the perks on offer. Talking about hair, from teenagers to senior citizens, everyone can be seen experimenting with shocking hair colours and hairstyles. Numerous sophisticated hair treatments are available to smoothen, straighten and make your hair frizz-free. However, these come with their share of long-term side effects and can be causes of hair problems. Also, they may lead to greying of hair at young age.1 Is it all worth it?


Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers greased our crown of hair in enough oil to fry papads. Beautiful long serpentine chotis adorning mogra gajras are a rarity. So is the natural healthy glow that came with them. Short of time and patience, we turn to quick fixes without contemplating the damage caused by them. Identifying symptoms and the causes of hair problems is important to address them closely.