How Can You Scrape LinkedIn For Business Leads?

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Why Are Web Scraping Tools Better Than Humans?

Launched more than 20 years ago, LinkedIn has evolved into a business directory that provides you with valuable and valid business information for marketing purposes.  Extracting data from LinkedIn doesn’t just provide valuable information for your business; it can also save you an enormous amount of time, resources, and money by automatically gathering the business information you need. There are many chances of errors in human work when researching, arranging, and saving large amounts of data from LinkedIn to Excel or CSV formats. It is the nature of humans to make mistakes, whether with our own valuable data and resources or when searching for leads on LinkedIn. The data on social media platforms and business directories changes every day. This is where LinkedIn data scraping tools can come into play. The right software like LinkedIn Leads Extractor can help take human error out of the process.

The Most Used And Popular Tool To Find And Scrape B2B Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedIn Data Extractor Tool can intelligently find and scrape bulk business data from LinkedIn for digital marketing purposes. Users can download thousands of b2b leads on a daily basis with the help of this LinkedIn Leads Finder. LinkedIn Email Extractor helps you to extract business data from LinkedIn without any coding and programming knowledge. All you need to do is just select the LinkedIn search results or a LinkedIn business profile or a company page and click on the Extract button. All the contacts from LinkedIn search results are instantly extracted on the LinkedIn Scraper software screen. Then you can transfer the LinkedIn data on your laptop/computer in CSV or Excel file easily by clicking on the Export button.

What Is The LinkedIn Leads Extractor?

The LinkedIn extractor is a script of the United Lead Scraper software that is specifically designed to extract data from LinkedIn profiles, pages, groups, and search results. You can use it easily even if you are not a coder. United Lead Scraper is a collection of web scraping tools. There you will find hundreds of scripts in the United Leads Extractor for many social media sites and business directories. For each script, charges are only $39.99 per month.

The Advantages of LinkedIn Leads Extractor Software

The major advantages of LinkedIn Business Leads Extractor are explained in the following points.


LinkedIn Email Scraper provides you a database of thousands of companies on a daily basis and it will cost only 40$ a month. LinkedIn Company Pages Scraper gets data from LinkedIn in an efficient and budget-friendly manner.

Easy to Use

Once you have set the LinkedIn contact extractor properly to extract data, you are assured that you are not only getting data from a single LinkedIn profile but from thousands of profiles. This means that with just a one-time investment, a lot of business data can be collected from LinkedIn.

Valid Data & High Speed

You will get the data only you need from LinkedIn as it finds the data by your given information. LinkedIn Email Extractor can find and extract data from LinkedIn by business name, category, zip code, and profile URL. The most important feature of this LinkedIn Contact Extractor is speed. A job that could take a person a week, LinkedIn Scraper finished in a matter of minutes, even seconds.


The LinkedIn Email Finder is not only fast but also provides 100% targeted and valid results. Simple errors in LinkedIn data collection can affect your marketing campaigns badly. Accurate data extraction from LinkedIn of any type of data is thus very important for any business growth and marketing campaign.

Data Points To Be Extracted By LinkedIn Leads Extractor

If you are going to use LinkedIn Leads Scraper, the data points that can be extracted would be your main attraction. For almost any user or company, LinkedIn provides a set of complete information. Whether you are looking for a service or business like a digital marketing agency that sells courses, you would usually have all these data points:

a) Name of the Business

b) Email Address

c) Phone Number

d) Staff/Employees

e) Company Description

f) Established Date

g) Complete Address

h) Business Timings

i) Website

j) Social Media links, and more

k) Reviews

Requirement For LinkedIn Scraper

Windows 7, 8, or 10

Chrome Browser

Microsoft Excel (to save data)

Before You Buy

This is a desktop application, not working on Mac

This tool is tested on Windows 7/8/10

Free updates and support are available