How to Estimate the Cost of PHP Developers?

Today every business owner across the globe is craving a strong online presence and when we say strong online presence, it certainly means getting the fundamentals right! In the web development realm, nothing works wonders than investing in a PHP development project. After all, no other platform or technology has faced death and raised from the ashes just like a Phoenix.

In fact, the numbers have already stated that 79% of websites are developed using PHP as their server-side technology. And why not since it offers a plethora of advantages such as cost efficiency, compatibility enough with web servers, powerful frameworks, ease of use, security and the list goes on. So the world is right here, what are you sitting tight for?

PHP Developer Rate PHP Developer Rate

Among the 79%, several big names are found leveraging PHP development technology such as WordPress, Yahoo, iStock Photos, Facebook, MailChimp, Wikipedia, Tumblr, WordPress, Slack, and the list goes on. Though, I am not a fan I am just stating the facts.

It’s High time you must consider hiring a team of phenomenal PHP developers in India who have a proven track record of developing high-functional software solutions for their valued clients. The following post focuses on why one must hire PHP developers to reduce the cost of hiring a PHP developer. After all, the budget does play a pivotal role in any project, right?

Still not convinced? Fret not, let’s begin with why one must hire a PHP developer.

Why Hire a PHP Developer?


At present, more and more software developers are found using the PHP framework. After all, this one is pretty fast and results in rapid development as well as quick loading of the page. Now you must be thinking why? Well, PHP-developed software products tend to run through their own memory. In other words, the loading speed is automatically improved.

Create user-friendly application

Whether you opt for a PHP development company or an individual, you are bound to receive user-friendly applications that are easy to navigate and get acquainted with. Not to mention that the server-side scripting technology is used to develop dynamic web pages, so this is something out of the question. More or less, PHP is compatible with UNIX, Linux Windows, and many other platforms such as IIS and Apache.


Another benefit offered by PHP development technology in comparison to its peers is that this one is quite cost-effective. In fact, most of the PHP tools are open-sourced and available for free, due to which the cost automatically gets reduced.

SEO Friendly

Now simply developing a website is just not enough. I mean one does require to rank it on different search engines, especially Google. PHP technology incorporates Seo-friendliness. In other words, websites developed using PHP are more likely to get ranked in comparison to others.  

 Strong Community

Another interesting benefit offered by PHP is that this one comprises a large and active community of developers especially experienced programmers who are willing to help their juniors especially if they get stuck at any point in time. Apart from helping, these guys also tend to share different ideas and knowledge with each other. Yes, irrespective of the problem you (as a developer) face, the solution will be found in no time. 

This is not it! I can simply go on and on when it comes to mentioning advantages offered by PHP but that’s certainly not enough. As a business owner, you have to make a smart choice by hiring a reliable PHP developer in India who has a knack for all the ins and out of the tech and come up with a kickass solution for you. The right choice of technology and the right choice of a developer is more than enough to conquer the world.

Tips to Hire PHP Developer in India

Since developing a dynamic and presentable website is no child’s play, one does require hiring a reputable PHP development company in India. Been there, done that! The technology is now powering millions and millions of websites across the internet. However, all you require to do is choose a reliable team of PHP developers in India who exactly know how to come up with a competent, functional, and robust solution by using Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Symfony, Zend, CakePHP, and Joomla right in accordance to your business needs and requirements.

Now whenever you start looking for a trustworthy professional around, here down below I would like to share some tips and tricks to consider.

In-depth knowledge of PHP programming language Absolute knowledge of how different PHP frameworks work such as Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony Does he carry a hands-on experience in CSS and HTML Knows how to exactly deal with SQL/MySQL databases The best understanding of Javascript Acquainted with control systems (SVG/Git) He must carry some experience in working with OOP (object-oriented programming) concepts

Now here comes the big question, where can these extraordinary people be found? Well, one of the obvious places to look for is Google. Apart from this, you can try the conventional method of hiring agencies incorporating detailed databases. Consider different platforms such as Upwork, freelance, LinkedIn, Toptal, Stack Overflow, Good firms, and Clutch, where you will come across numerous PHP developers in India.

When shortlisting professionals just ensure that you are bifurcating on the basis of previous experiences, relevance, technical knowledge, credibility, reviews, and testimonials.

How to Estimate the PHP Developer Rate?

Now before even we hop on how to estimate the cost of PHP developers it is very important for one to know certain factors that determine the cost of hiring a developer. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Scope

Yes, one of the most important factors to take into account is the scope of the project. If you haven’t determined the scope of the project in the beginning then determining the cost of PHP development becomes equally difficult. However, unless you are conducting a basic yet simple PHP project, then it’s no issue even if the scope of the project is not determined. But if your project is totally opposite, complex, complicated, and tedious then hands down, you have to determine the scope of the project.

Here you can also decide whether you want to opt for professionals in regards to full-time employees or on an hourly basis.  

Where is the Developer

Of course, after the pandemic hit, the demand for hiring offshore developers has gained momentum like never before. So another crucial aspect that must be taken into consideration is where the developer is located. For example, if the programmer is located in your country then chances are you have to pay according to your country’s prices whereas if you choose a person in an offshore location such as choosing PHP developers in India, then I am sure your cost of hiring them will decrease to a great extent. India is filled with talented developers, so if you are willing to go offshore look no further than PHP developers in India.


Of course, having a strong online presence is your dream project you cannot just give it away to anybody like that. I mean instead of choosing an amateur or low-level experience from your hometown, you must consider hiring an experienced developer overseas. An expert is more compatible and preferable in comparison to juniors. Moreover, the level of experience mostly depends on the difficulty level of the project.

So you see when you start looking for a PHP developer, you just don’t have to focus on the cost but on other factors such as experience, skillset, knowledge, previous projects, etc. However still on average, the cost of hiring a PHP developer is:

Junior developer – $50K Middle Developer – $60K – 70K Senior Developer – $80K

A Word from a Well-Wisher!

Hiring a PHP developer in the US might cost $10,000 to $50000 whereas if you happen to hire PHP developers in India, you might have to pay just 25 to 30% of it. Yes, you read it right and low-cost solutions don’t mean they lack in regards to quality. In fact, most of them turn out to be par excellence. 

So this is it for now! I hope the post turned out to be helpful! In case you have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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