How To Hire Kotlin Developers: The Easiest Way

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Kotlin is a modern programming language developed by JetBrains. It has become very popular because it combines features from Java and Swift. If you want to hire a Kotlin developer, how should you go about it?

This is what we are going to talk about in this article. Let's begin with what skills your Kotlin developer must have.

4 Most Important Skills A Kotlin Developer Must Have

Here are four skills your Kotlin developer should know:

Understanding of Functional Programming Concepts

Functional programming is a way of expressing computation using functions. This type of programming is often used for building large-scale applications. 

Understanding of Android Architecture

Android architecture is the foundation of any Android application. Kotlin developers need to understand how the different components work together. They need to learn the basics of the Android Architecture Components like Dagger 2, Retrofit, LiveData, Room, ViewModel, etc.

Understand the Concept of MVVM

MVVM stands for Model-View-ViewModel. A view model is a class that holds data and provides accessors for UI elements. A view model can be used to decouple the presentation logic from the underlying data.

Kotlin and Java Language Basics

The Java Virtual Machine is used to run Kotlin (JVM). Kotlin can thus run on any Java-based platform, including Android, iOS, desktop applications, server-side web frameworks, etc. As a result, your developer must be familiar with Java and the Kotlin programming language.