How to Reuse your Code with Python Package

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Reusing the code is an amazing aspect of any Python development project. It allows you to reduce the development time for the next project. You can also save a huge amount of effort and cost during developing a web application. Reusing the code results in a maintainable system. Python developers can easily understand how the code functions and achieve stability in the whole code. 

Reuse your Code with Python Package

You can follow these steps to reuse your code in Python by creating a package and redistributing it. 

To create this project locally, create the following file structure:

Package Folder

You will now create a handful of files to package up this project and prepare it for distribution. Create the new files listed below and place them in the project’s root directory – you will add content to them in the following steps.

Package folder contains LICENSE tests mypackage LICENSE

It’s important for every package uploaded to the Python Package Index to include a license. You can also create a handful LICENSE using github. 


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