Important Difference between Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence vs Deep Learning

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Artificial Intelligence is the technique of developing machines that imitate human behaviour. It provides objects, machines, and systems the ability to simulate human behaviour. 

Think of this way - Artificial Intelligence(AI) systems are machines that think and act as humans do. They have an intelligent brain, just like humans do.

It is useful to your organization in ways you can’t even imagine - an accurate visual perception of data, speech recognition, extracting insights from data, translation of documents and languages, and much more.

Machine Learning is the building blocks behind Artificial Intelligence systems. You might have read somewhere about AI and ML and probably gotten confused. 

You may also think that AI is a subset of Machine Learning (ML), but it’s the other way around. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. 

Machine Learning is a technique, approach, or process for implementing Artificial Intelligence which involves parsing massive amounts of data, learning from that data, and making predictions based on that.

What you should know about Machine Learning programs is that the more data you feed them, the better they get at making predictions. These Machine Learning algorithms modify on their own using the datasets.

Now comes the deepest(excuse the pun) part of Artificial Intelligence(AI) systems. Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning that involves the artificial neural network - the kind of neural network we have in our brains for making connections.

You and many others might confuse Deep Learning with Machine Learning. But Deep Learning vs Machine Learning is a much broader topic. 

Deep Learning algorithms are much more complex than simple Machine Learning algorithms. They make use of natural language processing combined with neural network development.

Neural networks are based on the biological neural networks that we have in our brains. It involves interconnecting different neurons(inputs in the case of Deep Learning) to form an output.

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