Java 19 release, features, and updates

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A Quick Glance on Java 19

Structured Concurrency Virtual Threads A Preview of record pattern Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview) Pattern Matching for switch Vector API Port the JDK to Linux/RISC-V (2 incubators and 4 preview features,1 final feature under Hotspot Compiler)

Structured Concurrency (preview):

JEP 428 has two objectives –

Improve the multithreaded code’s ability to be dependable, observable, and maintainable. Promote the use of concurrent programming methods that can lessen common shutdown and cancellation risks, such as thread leaks and cancellation delays.

Virtual Threads:

Due to their lightweight operation, virtual threads are useful for high-throughput concurrent applications. This preview API will not only allow thread-per-request style applications to scale efficiently, but it will also make it easier to incorporate this API seamlessly into Java.

A Preview of record pattern:

A sneak peek at record patterns to break down record values. It is possible to nest record forms and type patterns to provide declarative, potent, and modular data processing. The proposal aims to enhance pattern matching to describe more complex, composable data searches without altering type patterns’ syntax or semantics.

Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview):

Java developers have a few options available when it comes to obtaining off-heap data: Should they choose the safe but inefficient route (ByteBuffer) or should they choose performance above safety (Unsafe)?

Pattern Matching for switch:

Pattern matching has been added to Java’s switch expressions and statements. A complex data-oriented query can be constructed succinctly and safely by extending pattern matching to switch, which allows expressions to be checked against a set of patterns with each one having a defined action.

Vector API:

A new feature will be added to JDK 19, allowing vectors to be stored and loaded from memory segments. It has been incubated in JDK 16, JDK 17, and JDK 18.

This JDK 19 innovation will also add extend and compress, two cross-lane vector operations, along with a companion mask compress function. The query results are filtered with the aid of the compress procedure.

Port for Linux/RISC-V (incubator):

In addition to programmatic features, JEP 422 porting OpenJDK to Linux for the RISC-V chip architecture is available. Although there aren’t many RISC-V devices available for purchase right now, this technology seems promising, therefore Java support will be helpful.

Wrapping Up:

JDK 19 finally introduces virtual threads developed by Project Loom. I’m hoping you’re as eager to employ virtual threads in your projects as I am!

The management of jobs that are divided into parallel subtasks will be substantially simplified by Structured Concurrency, which is still in the incubation stage.

Record patterns are now included in instances and switch’s pattern matching capabilities, which have been incrementally improved in recent JDK releases.

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