Metaverse and Top Brands : A Digital Frontier Unveiled


As global brands continue to expand their horizons, many are venturing into the realm of Web3 technologies to forge new connections with customers and deliver extraordinary experiences. For the uninitiated, the metaverse is a dynamic virtual world where individuals can engage, shop, learn, and interact with others. Visionary tech leaders, including Mark Zuckerberg, foresee the metaverse becoming a part of everyday life within the next decade.


Now, brands are setting their sights on the metaverse as a novel avenue to engage customers, promote products, and drive revenue.


The metaverse already boasts an impressive roster of well-known brands, and we've curated a list of eight of them below. From luxury fashion icons to household names, these companies are leveraging the metaverse to craft cutting-edge customer experiences that position them as leaders in innovation.


So, if you're seeking inspiration on how to elevate your business to the next level, look no further than these metaverse-savvy brands for valuable insights.


1. Gucci: Immersing in Luxury


The fashion industry has been quick to embrace Web3 technologies, with 53% of fashion brands already incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, according to Vogue Business. Gucci, a global luxury fashion powerhouse, partnered with Roblox in 2021 to create a virtual garden exhibition commemorating its 100th anniversary.


2. Forever 21: Fast Fashion's Digital Playground


In late 2021, fast-fashion brand Forever 21 unveiled 'Forever 21 Shop City,' a community-oriented game developed in collaboration with Roblox. This game empowers players to construct, personalize, and manage virtual fashion stores, encouraging them to express their individuality as they buy and sell Forever 21 merchandise. Over 250,000 users have explored Forever 21 Shop City since its launch. The collection includes physical items like hoodies, t-shirts, and the real-world version of the coveted Forever Beanie, a best-seller in their virtual Roblox store.


3. Coca-Cola: Refreshing the Metaverse


Coca-Cola ventured into the metaverse in 2021, auctioning NFT collectibles, including a futuristic bubble jacket for avatars in the game. The brand further expanded its metaverse presence by launching Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte in a custom-built metaverse within the popular video game Fortnite before releasing it in real-life stores. Visitors to 'Pixel Point' could virtually sample the new flavor while engaging in a range of Coke-themed mini-games.


4. H&M : A Digital Showroom for Fashionistas


H&M, a leading fashion brand, introduced its first virtual showroom in the metaverse earlier this year. This digital space allowed users to explore, interact, and view the virtual collection, bringing fashion campaigns to life in a novel Web3 ecommerce environment.


H&M envisions a future where the physical and digital worlds converge in the metaverse, emphasizing its commitment to exploring virtual fashion as a means of engaging customers on their terms.


5. Vans: Kickflips in the Metaverse


Known for its skateboarding footwear and apparel, Vans has harnessed the Roblox platform to create 'Vans World,' a virtual skatepark that provides an online space for fans to interact and hone their virtual skateboarding skills. Users can earn, purchase, and trade exclusive Vans clothing, and the skatepark's design draws inspiration from real-life Vans projects. Vans aims to attract new fans, explore sustainable fashion, and bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.


6. Burberry: High Fashion in the Metaverse


Burberry, another pioneering fashion house, joined forces with Mythical Games in 2021 to launch a Burberry-branded NFT collection on the multiplayer metaverse game 'Blankos Block Party.' One NFT, the 'Sharky B' avatar, sold out within 30 seconds and later traded on the game's marketplace for over $1,000, surpassing its initial $300 price tag. Burberry continued its metaverse journey with a second NFT collection, which included virtual branded boomboxes, necklaces, and sliders. The brand also created a unique virtual experience within the game to foster deeper connections with its audience.


7. Hyundai: Driving the Metaverse Experience


Hyundai made its mark as one of the first automotive brands to enter the metaverse. In the past year, the company launched 'Hyundai Mobility Adventure,' a virtual metaverse space on Roblox that showcases future mobility lifestyles across five zones. Users can explore Hyundai vehicles, products, technology, and future solutions, play games, create avatars, and interact with others. Hyundai Mobility Adventure aims to engage tech-savvy younger generations and build long-term relationships with loyal customers.


8. Nike: Scoring Big in the Metaverse


In late 2021, Nike unveiled 'Nikeland,' a metaverse space on Roblox where visitors can play games, interact with others (including celebrity visitors like LeBron James), and invest in virtual Nike products, which Nike positions as having the same value as their real-world counterparts. Since its launch, over 21 million people have visited Nikeland, driving revenue, increasing engagement, and boosting brand awareness. Nike's forward-thinking digital approach is paying off, with its digital branch, Nike Digital, comprising 26% of the brand's total revenue at the beginning of 2022.


Thinking of Entering the Metaverse?


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