Pros And Cons Of Using Vue.js for Web Development

JavaScript has provided a perfect ecosystem to the technology industry in recent years, made possible by popular JS frameworks like Node, Vue, React, Angular, and Ember. Of these, Vue.js is one of the most popular as it offers different functions, tools, and services.

Vue.js has more than 4.4 million monthly downloads on NPM and has received around 138K stars on GitHub from the web developer community. Vue.js can be used for many things, such as developing a secure single-page app and UI. Below, we'll go through the details of Vue.js and compare its pros and cons.

What is Vue.js Framework?

Vue.js is one of the most popular progressive frameworks used for building user interfaces and single page applications. Vue.js framework is designed for incrementality and scalability. It's also very easy to integrate with other libraries and functions that are focused on the view layer.

Like other JavaScript frameworks, Vue has created a buzz in the world of web app development and has proved itself as revolutionary technology which has multiple use cases. Besides this, it is a framework that can be used in creating both desktop and mobile-based apps. And, the HTML extensions that come with the JavaScript base have seen a rise at a rapid rate. As a result, many tech companies, such as Adobe, now favor this front-end tool.

Pros of Vue JavaScript Framework

Here are some of the pros of the Vue.js framework.


Vue.js was basically developed with the idea of achieving positive results with minimal effort. This enables developers to create an application or design a user interface with very few lines of code. Vue.js is also great when the developer wants to work with components, as it requires little overhead — Vue.js components can easily store all your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code in a single file.

User-Friendly Web Development Framework

Vue.js is one such framework that doesn't require a steep learning curve. This is beneficial for all developers, especially for beginners — Vue.js only requires a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is the opposite of Angular or React, as these technologies require knowledge of additional programming languages requiring advanced coding expertise.

Besides this, Vue.js is used by development companies with some common editors. It also comes with a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox, making it easier to start working with this technology.

Higher Performance

When we are talking about the advantages of Vue.js, its higher performance level is bound to come into the discussion. One of the other advantages of Vue js for app development is that it provides higher performance. And the main reason behind it is that Vue.js not only works with Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) but also goes very well with giving attention to the shortcomings. It also can manage a high frame rate. All these things result in better performance than React.


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