Feature thumb python vs. ruby which one is best for ai

The concept of artificial intelligence is no fiction anymore, like in the Terminator movie. The concept has got real and is seeing massive adoption across various industry sectors. Thanks to AI app developers around the world, we are able to see a lot of automation in the world today. 

The base of this ground-breaking technology is Python. Python is a programming language (not a snake!!) that has all that you need for an awesome AI application. Some of you may argue, why not Ruby? Well, Ruby is an excellent language in itself, but Python has some unique features that make it ideal for AI. 

Why is Python preferred for AI over Ruby?

No matter, if you are involved in, ai development solutions or any other AI software, Python is the best choice for you. Here are some aspects that rank Python over Ruby! 


The number one factor that ranks Python above Ruby is the number of libraries. Unlike Ruby, Python is blessed with a vast range of libraries that include:

Numpy Pandas Scikit Learn Keras SciPy TensorFlow

Ease of Learning

AI algorithms are pretty complex and require a lot of focus to develop. In such a scenario, if the programming language also has a complex syntax, development can become a nightmare. Therefore, python offers its developer a syntax that is super easy to learn.


Ruby gained fame after the development of Ruby on Rails. However, Python was introduced a decade before that. One thing is pretty easy to comprehend from this. 


If you go online and search for the most popular programming languages, there are countless results showing that Python is the one.  

As far as the language is concerned, Python can take you years ahead while Ruby becomes fit for AI. Check out this article to find out which programming language will be best for you!