Steps for Making a Cortado with the Breville Barista Express


1. Press power - wait for three right hand lights to turn on
2. Take cup for espresso, take double filter and the handle thing, do not push filter all the way in and put under the cup dispenser
3. Push one cup button which will push small amount of hot water through the filter and handle thing into cup
4. Dry both handle thing and filter thoroughly
5. Place filter snug inside of handle thing
6. Make sure filter size button is set to double
7. Push handle thing into place for catching coffee grounds
8. After coffee thing is done, take handle thing
9. Center coffee grounds
10. Tap on towel until coffee grounds settle
11. Tamp with slight pressure (2 clockwise turns)
12. Lock handle in place on the right hand cup section
13. Place cup underneath the handle thing
14. Push double cup button

Espresso is done!


1. Remove handle thing slowly
2. Dumb coffee grounds
3. Put handle thing back in the drink section
4. Put empty cup beneath handle thing and press single cup button twice to clean out filter and handle thing with hot water
5. Dump excess water into drain


1. Position steam pipe down and move right handle to steam and then stop as soon as it starts steaming
2. Pour small amount of milk into cup
3. Place steam pipe into milk and turn on steam until milk begins to froth
4. Use hot water to clean steam pipe
5. Pour frothed milk from back to front in the cup with the espresso