When you start to learn a programming language all by yourself, you are haunted by an endless list of doubts. One prominent one is if you will land a good job with a reputed company. Tech companies have long left the practice of selecting prospective employees based on their academic qualifications. They are helpless too; there is an acute shortage of talented programmers, particularly in Python programming, a programming

language considered a lifeline for data science projects. Here are the top 10 companies which hire self-taught Python programmers.


1. Python Developer

Company: Visiontrek Communication

Location: Chandigarh


Bachelor’s (Preferred)


Basic Understanding of Oops Concepts Self Motivated and a willingness to learn. Should be willing to learn Python. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and J query understanding

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2. HFT Developer

Company: True Beacon

Location: Bengaluru


Design low latency applications and algorithms to run on co-located servers Create and maintain HFT applications Design and implement metrics to track live performance Manage HFT infrastructure to ensure 100% availability Test and deploy applications

Skill Set

2 plus years of experience in designing & building low latency applications Experience with object-oriented/object function scripting languages: Python, Java, C++, Scala, etc. Academic background in computer science

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3. Python Developer

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