Top NFT marketplace list in India 2023

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Over the past 5 years, NFT Marketplace is running successfully in the crypto market. And the best revenue generates platform at the present. It is the most invested platform in the market. NFT marketplace popularity is an increase in day by day. So you will start your own NFT marketplace business, and you will make unlimited money in your life.

What is the NFT Marketplace 

NFT marketplace is the online platform where users can buy, sell and Bid Non-fungible tokens. Users also trade the NFTs and exchange cryptocurrencies & fiat currencies. NFTs present real-world objects and it is the digital certificate for collectibles. NFT marketplace is decentralized and adopted blockchain networks, So transactions and any other activities are stored in the blocks.

Top listed NFT Marketplace In India 2023

The NFT marketplace platform gives enormous opportunities to crypto enthusiasts. It is a money-making business model. More people have generated income from various streams in the NFT marketplace. A lot of NFT marketplace platforms are there, but some NFT marketplaces are popular nowadays. I have mentioned some top NFT marketplace platforms here..,


Wazirx is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in India. It launched the NFT marketplace platform. Wazirx is the foremost NFT marketplace platform introducing music NFTs and exhibitions. The Wazirx platform has created a new record, in November trading volume is $31.

Jupiter Meta

Jupiter meta platform is recently launched in India. It is the culture base NFTs on the platform. Jupiter meta platform focus on the single metaverse experience in music, game, and films. Jupiter's platform will not charge the gas fee. was launched by the Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan NFTs. platform was launched on Jan 26, 2022.  In the first 5000 loot boxes introduced, the 5000 loot box sold in 53 minutes, and 6 million people are active on the platform.


Rarible is fore most NFT marketplace in the world. In 2020, the Rarible platform has launched. The rarible NFT marketplace platform has a native token and it is the RARI token. The rarible platform will also support the ERC 721 and ERC 115 tokens. It is built into the Ethereum blockchain networks.


Opensea is the first launched NFTmarketplace platform in the world. It is a big NFT marketplace platform and has around 9 billion active users on this platform. It is the international NFT marketplace platform and 75% of transactions are in the Ethereum blockchain. It is established in 2018. Opensea platform supports the ERC721 and ERC115 tokens.

Binance NFT Marketplace 

Binance NFT marketplace is a newly launched NFT marketplace platform. Binance is the trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has low fees on the platform. In the first 1000 creators have listed in 2.5 million NFTs on the platform. Binance NFT marketplace platform trading volume is $360 million.


Now we realize them, the NFT marketplace platform is the current and future needs. Now you can enter into the NFT marketplace platform and earn more money. In the above, I have listed the top NFT marketplace platform in India along with their features. Which NFT marketplace platform is suitable for you? and Which platform increases your business growth? You can select them.


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