Feature thumb cnc cutting machine

With the rapid development of the technological era, various industries across the world have entered the new normal of ensuring sustainable development. This implies that while pursuing economic development, more attention is paid to green and protection policies –in an environment-friendly manner. Currently, for manufacturing enterprises, the reduction of environmental pollution has become a major concern.

The advent of digital knife cutting technology makes the method of material processing highly environmentally friendly. The technology also helps companies in achieving the objective of being pollution-free.

CNC Digital Cutting System

A functional CNC oscillating knife cutting machine focuses on flexible material cutting. A high-end digital fabric cutting machine will feature a combination of an oscillating knife, creasing wheel, oscillating tangential knife, router bits, and drag knife.

A dedicated CNC digital cutting system is designed for providing precise cutting of semi-rigid and heavier flexible materials. The CNC knife cutting machine is implemented on the multi-tool cutting blade with its head fixed, routing, kiss cut, electric oscillating blade, and rotary blade. The presence of tangential control enables the machine to ensure precise cutting while maintaining part accuracy.

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