What are the steps to learning .NET programming?

.Net Development is a veteran move yet still intact when it comes to developing apps, games, IoT-based applications  Since its inception, the concept has been rising high over the moon any why not as it is available with a wide range of developer tools, programming languages, libraries – altogether used in the creation of robust, dynamic and scalable looking applications.

Is .Net development technology limited to developing applications for web and desktops? Well, not really! When combined with Microsoft Azure, it can even be used as a cloud service platform to host numerous apps in the cloud. Apart from that, by combining .Net and machine learning technology, programmers can easily integrate vision algorithms, speech processing, and predictive models into their apps. It may quite interest you to know that .Net support tons and tons of sensors, displays, and input devices featuring temperature and humidity sensors, accelerometers, and gas sensors. Isn’t that amazing! In fact, I recently happen to stumble upon a post that says You can use dot net in combination with all types of programming languages and operating systems. There is one more important facade of application development in the dot net. It is called IDEs- an integrated development environment. Read more here.

Of course, .Net is one such topic where I can go on and on and easily get carried away in the flow and drop the subject. Fret not, this won’t happen here. The following post focuses on certain important steps that one must learn before you begin working on your first .Net development project. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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