What are the Top Mobile App Development Frameworks that Businesses Should Use in 2022?

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Before you hire mobile app developers, you should lock the framework you plan to use for the mobile app development lifecycle. But, why? We are glad you asked.

Users generally uninstall 56% of apps within a week of downloading them. This means that despite converting a user, there is over a 50% chance that you might witness churn within a week. 

So, as you set out to hire dedicated developers, here are the mobile app development frameworks you must consider for 2022. 

Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development in 2022 


Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development in 2022


Here are the best frameworks for mobile app development in 2022, based on our rigorous analysis across the landscape of alternatives.  

1. React Native

2. Xamarin

3. Apache Cordova

4. Flutter

5. JQuery

6. Mobile Angular UI

7. Swiftic

8. Native Scripts

9. Ionic

Both IOS and custom Android app development have become more competitive than ever! Here is how you can choose the right framework to stand out.