Microsoft has launched the cloud service, Azure, for businesses that need an advanced computing solution. A wide range of services is offered under the program. You can subscribe to Azure in different ways to get access to unique cloud services. But before you subscribe to Microsoft Azure, you need to know what it is and how it works. You can also look out for its top competitors and what they have to offer. After all, AWS Lambda vs Azure functions vs Google cloud  is one of the hot topics of debate nowadays. In this blog you will find detailed information on Azure Subscription, types and how to scale the Azure environment. 

What is Azure Subscription

What Is an Azure Subscription?

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What Is an Azure Subscription? What Are the Types of Azure Subscriptions? What is Azure Subscription Hierarchy? What Are the Factors to Consider for Azure Subscription? How Can You Use Azure Subscriptions to Scale the Environment?

Azure Subscription is the subscription that you pay for Microsoft Azure. It includes all the services that are available in Azure like Linux VM, Web Apps, SQL DB, and more. You can use the same subscription for your entire organization or you can create multiple subscriptions for different use cases.

Azure Subscription is also known as Azure Evaluation Licence (ALE). However, if you have an existing subscription with Microsoft Azure then it is not possible to upgrade to an enterprise edition of that subscription.

If you have an active license of Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter Edition on-premise then you can use your existing license for Azure too. 

This means that you will be able to run any new version of Microsoft Azure without having to buy a new license again.

What Are the Types of Azure Subscriptions?

There are two types of Azure subscriptions:

Azure Basic (free) – A free subscription to Azure that provides you with basic features, such as Office 365, cloud storage, and email. You can use the free tier for up to three months.

Azure Premium ($20/month) – A subscription that gives you access to more advanced features, including virtual machines and databases, as well as Azure File Storage and Microsoft SQL Server instances. You can use the premium tier for up to one year.

What is Azure Subscription Hierarchy?

The Azure subscription hierarchy is the organization of Azure resources. It’s a logical grouping of Azure resources such as services and subscriptions, and it allows resources to be configured into different configurations based on their needs.



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