What is the approximate cost of Developing Pancakeswap Clone script in 2023



Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange with a food theme that enables users to efficiently swap tokens and earn rewards. The Benefits of Pancakeswap clone script include full decentralization, infinite token swapping, high scalability, optimized trading, rewards, lotteries, and various other features.


The mentioned advantage of Pancakeswap clone script is very attractive to entrepreneurs who want to create a DeFi exchange. Pancakeswap Clone Script provides the perfect solution for business people to launch their own DeFi exchange quickly without delay.


Clarisco Solutions is a leading DeFi development company with a team of talented blockchain developers that offers a great Pancakeswap clone script designed for business people. Our Pancakeswap clone script is highly customizable, ensuring effortless adaptation to your specific business needs.

Features of Pancakeswap Clone script : 


Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Easy Wallet integration

Transactions history Management system 

Pancakeswap analytics

Top-performing tokens

Integrated security protocols

Development Cost of Pancakeswap Clone Script :


The level of customization and specific requirements determines the cost of creating a Pancakeswap clone script. The approximate price for a Pancakeswap clone ranges from 7K to 10K USD, depending on your customization needs.


At Clarisco, we provide affordable Pancakeswap clone script. Our reasonably priced Pancakeswap clone script has successfully helped numerous entrepreneurs and companies to instantly launch their own DeFi exchange with minimal investment.