What’s New in Laravel 8 for a Laravel Development Company?

Feature thumb everything about laravel 8 you need to know

Web apps are highly popular these days. The widespread use of web applications like Google Docs, Trello, Youtube, etc., is backed by some critical factors such as improved efficiency, faster processing, easy scalability, and many more.

As per Forbes, Laravel is the only PHP-based web app framework that ranks in the top 5 list. Therefore, if you want to scale faster in the app development business, you need to hire dedicated Laravel developers. 

A Quick Overview of Laravel! 

Laravel is one of the most popular web app frameworks. It is a PHP-based software that uses MVC (Model View Control) architecture as its base. 

Authentication Routing Templating HTML Data manipulation Email verification 

Why use Laravel Web Development?

There are many reasons to use Laravel. Being one of the trending PHP frameworks around the world, Laravel has countless unique features and benefits. Let’s explore them! 

Security Automated testing  Scalability Blade Engine Handy Full-Stack Tools Eloquent ORM Artisan 

The need for new features arises real quick in the current time, and Laravel never fails to deliver. In the recent update, Laravel came up with some cool features. Here is a review of all of them!