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Flutter has caught the attention of the entire development community, and all for good reasons. Google launched Flutter as an open-source mobile application development technology. 

One of the reasons Flutter is the go-to technology for enterprise application development is its ability to speed up the process. Additionally, it reduces the overall development cost, which further helps startups and businesses. 

Understanding the Surge in Flutter

It has been a little over four years since Flutter first launched, and it has already bagged 131K stars on GitHub. In addition to this, we also checked the Stack Overflow Survey 2021, and it finds that 13.55% of the survey respondents love using and working with Flutter. 

Cross-Platform Development: Every efficient mobile app development company wants to reduce the time required for development while optimizing the development costs and efforts put in for the same. 

Easy to Use Plugins: Flutter has a wide range of in-built UI use cases and capabilities. In addition to this, the developers can access extra widgets and tools for an even better outcome by putting in minimal effort. 

Scalable Applications: Flutter app developers use Google’s Firebase support structure to create serverless and scalable applications.

Growing Community: There are more than 2 million Flutter app developers making for a big and close-knit community of like-minded professionals.

Flutter is a game-changing technology for mobile app development. Using it, a Flutter app developer can build any type of application, including gaming, utility, eCommerce, lifestyle, etc., and add it with bespoke features and functions.

All of this is completed in a short period because of the in-built capabilities of the framework. Almost every mobile app development company needs to have a team of Flutter experts to attract more clients because Flutter is one of the perfect technologies to build advanced and market-oriented solutions or applications.

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