Why is Nativescript Preferred for Android App Development?

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Developers now have a variety of framework alternatives for creating intelligent and scalable mobile applications. With the widespread use of the Hybrid app development idea, developers now combine their expertise with smartphone functionality. This is where NativeScript comes in since it offers several advantages, making it an excellent choice for businesses wanting to develop an Android app development solution.

NativeScript, as the name implies, enables developers to create utterly native JavaScript apps. It decreases app development time without reducing quality. NativeScript is an open-source mobile framework that helps developers build beautiful cross-platform mobile applications with a single code. Businesses hire dedicated remote developers with knowledge of NativeScript for Android app development. 

This blog post will explain how NativeScript accomplishes mobile app development and why it is a preferred framework. 

1. High-Performance App

Apps written in NativeScript are genuinely native. This includes native UI, native API access, and native device rendering. What is the significance of this? If an app's user interactions are sluggish (or perceived to be slow), your customers will desert the app and your company. With the use of NativeScrape in Android app development, you can improve the app’s performance and make it more engaging. 

2. Reusable Code 

With NativeScript, you can easily use and repurpose the same codebase across iOS, Android, the web, and other platforms. By integrating with other popular JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and more. NativeScript enables the reuse of the same codebase across various platforms while preserving the platform-specific user experience.

3. Open-sourced Developmental Ecosystem

NativeScript is a form of open-source development environment that allows you to shape the present and future of any Android app. 

5. Proven in the Real World

Did you know that SAP relies on NativeScript as a mobility strategy? NativeScript has proven itself in the market for both consumer-facing apps and enterprise-focused productivity tools. 

Time To Develop A NativeScript Business App!

There are several languages and platforms available for developing mobile applications. But points stated in this blog prove that NativeScript is one of the best tech stack options. Furthermore, developers can combine it with Angular to achieve incredible app speed, as many Android app projects have done in the past. 

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