Why to stop using pixels and start using Rem

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Why should you stop using pixels in CSS?

Pixels don't scale Font-size does not specifically correlate to pixel size on screen One font-family at 16px could have an “A” char 24px high, another font-family at 16px could have an “A” char 26 pixels high. Use REM in place of pixels. With REM everything goes off the root font-size of the document. Set your root font-size first

By default one REM is 10px;

So set the root font-size to 10px;

Change all your other PX to rem. 35px becomes 3.5rem; 125px becomes 12.5rem;

Now pull up your developer tools and test this out by changing the root font-size and watch it all change.

Now change the default root from px to percentage

By leaving the default root font size as pixels it will remove the custom font in a customers browser. Some people will increase the font-size in their browser to make it easier to read, by making a default font-size with px it gets rid of that ability.

The default font-size is 116px. So if we put 100% that would mean the root font-size will be 16px. But we want it to be 10px for the rem. So we take 10/16, which is 62.5%