Why Xamarin Hybrid Mobile App Development Is in Trend

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While thinking about mobile app development for ios and android, the first language to mind is Java. Objective C and swift, But apart from these app development methods, there are various other ways, and Xamarin hybrid mobile app development is one of them. 

Xamarin is an open-source dot net framework built on the Microsoft technology stack. 

This tool is extensively used in cross-platform mobile application development. Xamarin platform enables mobile app developers to develop and share up to 80% of the code in the main media. As a result, this platform has a community of more than 1.4 million Xamarin app developers worldwide. The key features of Xamarin app development are underneath:-

Programming language C#

Xamarin allows app developers to develop native user-interface and hybrid mobile app development using C#. Because Xamarin is natively compiled as opposed to interpreted solutions like Appcelerator Titanium, you can hire Xamarin app developers and get high-performance apps with a native feel and look.

Dot Net framework

Xamarin supports C#, and C# is the dot net member. Similar to Java, .Net is an extensively vast set of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, and the result is that Xamarin developers utilize the benefits of the .NET suite in app development. 


Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are two error-checking platforms in Xamarin. Both platforms compile the native source codes separately. Xamarin.iOS translates source code into native ARM assembly code and Xamarin. Android translates the app first into the Intermediate Language and then into native assembly code at runtime. In both situations, the procedure is automated and designed to handle problems like memory allocation, garbage collection, and platform compatibility by default.


Xamarin app development supports windows environments equipped with Visual Studio and Xamarin. Hence it enables Xamarin app developers to debug the source code using the desktop, hardware, and emulators. Creating iOS apps on Windows is also feasible thanks to Visual Studio's connections to the iOS simulator and iOS storyboard designer. Visual Studio for Mac also enables directly running a simulator on a Mac or a connected iPhone. Visual Studio is used to conduct debugging.

Along with the features mentioned above, there are various exciting things to hiring mobile app developers using Xamarin for app development. To hire Xamarin developers, you can also connect with mobile app development companies and remote Xamarin app developers and get the hire performing hybrid mobile application as per your business need.

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