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Great video on traversing the DOM (explained well)

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Understanding the modern Javascript landscape (ES6, Web Browsers, Babel, etc).

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Steps for Creating a Phoenix / Elixir Application

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Creating a Custom Rails Generator

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How to Build a Phoenix / Elixir API App

Post thumb anagram javascript code implementation

How to Build an Anagram Function in JavaScript

Post thumb python random string generator

How to Generate a Random String in Python

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Terminal Shortcut for Renaming a File

Post thumb ruby image compression tutorial

How to Compress Images with the ImageOptimization RubyGem

Post thumb javsacript object values equal to each other

Build a JavaScript Function that Checks if Two Objects Have the Same Values

Post thumb ruby dig method tutorial

Example of How to Work with Ruby's Dig Method

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Examples of DS Graph Visualizations

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How to Use SVGs in a Vue JS Application

Post thumb js functional fizzbuzz

Code Interview Question: Functional FizzBuzz in JavaScript

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Coding Practice

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How to Create a Vue JS Plugin

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Coding Interview Question: Build a Function that Selects a Random Element from an Array in JavaScript

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Coding Interview Question: Build a Function that Selects a Random Element from an Array in JavaScript

Post thumb palindrome

JS Coding Interview Question: Build a Function that Tests to See if a String is a Palindrome or Not

Post thumb 5 tutorials on web scraping in python

The beginning to scraping the web with Python

Post thumb docker nginx html

Steps for Deploying a Static HTML Site with Docker and Nginx

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Checklist for Deploying a Vue JS Application to Heroku with SSL and Cloudflare for DNS

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Why to stop using pixels and start using Rem

Post thumb docker cheat sheet

Docker Command Cheat Sheet

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Auto Complete in React Tutorial

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Deep Dive into JSX

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Angular Button Animations

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How to Use JavaScript to Build a Full Screen / Focused Event

Post thumb css pseudo after before

Tips and Tricks for Working with the Before and After Pseudo Elements in CSS

Post thumb angular card

Common Angular CLI Commands

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Creating a Skewed Div in CSS with a Clip Path

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Command for Opening Rails Encrypted Credentials in VS Code

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CSS Gradient

Post thumb active storage

Steps for Using Active Storage to Upload Files to S3 with Ruby on Rails

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How to Add a Heroku Remote to an Existing Project

Post thumb rails encrypted credentials

Cheat Sheet for Working with Rails Encrypted Credentials

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Reasons to Not Use JWT Tokens for Session Management

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My zshrc Settings File

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Integrating HTTP Only Authentication into a Vue Application

Post thumb authentication

Recipe for Adding Authentication to a Rails API Only Application with an HTTP Only Cookie

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How to Add Search Functionality Into a Rails API Application

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Promises (A visual break down)